Rise up

Marcus Garvey,

Nelson Mandela, 

Errol Walton Barrow,

Martin Luther King Jr.

Viola Davis,

Shirley Chrisholm,

Rosa Parks.

Does any of these names sound familiar?
These are some names of men and women who had paved away for us,

There taught us to be confidence in ourselves,

Them show us that no matter the color of our skin,

We can be come great, 

There taught us to embrace the color of our skin ,

And the jet black hair which look like tar.

Them taugh us we can achieve anything,

Whether  it a politician, inventor, doctor you name it ,

We are equal.

But most of all , 

Them taught us to be strong and to be a proud black person.

And don’t settle for less.



As I sit here looking at pictures, 

I wonder what happen? 

Where it all went wrong ?

one by one,


Everyone leaves ,

just leaving you with pictures and memories.

Do not worry them say,

We got your back,

We all in this together no matter what.

Phone calls becomes less frequent. 

And conversation become shorter on social media. 

No hey, whats up or how was your day?

Sometimes you wonder if anyone cares.

But you’re ignore or get one answer reply,  

Like if you’re a bother.

Friends or family is with replace with youtube to make you laugh, 

Strangers on Ig that make you feel welcome.

Radio to entertain you with current affairs,

Facebook to keep you uptodate.

you try to make new friends but everyone have a circle!

No new friends them said.

So you just sit down on the outside looking in,

and realized life is not the same,

people change and people go on with life,

Although you wish everything will remains the same.

Journey of the Seasons

Spring is the beautiful birds that bring that wonderful sound to your ears,

Summer is the warm sun which kiss your face daily,

Fall is the wonderful trees that change into various wonderful colors

Winter is the cold days that turn into night.

For  two years and half year ,

I see and hear the various transformation of the four seasons.

It is a wonderful experience to enjoyed .

It bring excitement and  wonder what each season does bring each year.

Nature is an interesting phenomenon

It  can taugh us lessons

It can taugh us no distance is far enough

It can bring people together from far and near

But most of all it can be surreal.

Thank for bringing me  on the journey of the four various season

New Friend

Hey what up ?
Blank look.
Hey I am talking to you!!
You looking at me like if you see a ghost.
No no I didn’t know you mean me
But you the only one here.
Yeah. But you see, hardly anyone noticed me.
Hmm. So what you want to do?
Nothing hmm.
Come let us go far a walk.
You sure?
Why you ask?
Coming? ?
Ugh OK. You know it is wonderful day today .hey hmm?
Never mine.
Shake head.
Are you passing here tomorrow ?
Would you be there tomorrow?
Yeah I am there all the times but you first person to notice me.
I see
Well you know. I see you tomorrow same time

Miss you

I miss the old you
The person who always smiling,
The person who always laughing.
I miss the person that who would shout me randomly through out the day.
I miss the warmness of your soul.
I miss your voice .
I miss the words of encouragement.
Life is not the same .
It like an empty vacuum waiting to fill
But life go on
Like the beautiful butterfly passing you by.


Are you the one?

I remember the day I meet you,
You was so secretive,
I taught you was working for the CIA.
That I always wonder what up your sleeves.
Your personality is what attract me.
Always caring and protective,
As days turn to a weeks
And week’s turn to month’s
And month’s turn to year’s
I begin to growth fond of you
But I was just too late
I just sorry I did not get to told you those few words,
Which would had turned into those three powerful words
Hopefully one day


life is one of the most perplex word.
you can look at it negative or positive
it teach you so much things.
Sometimes you just have to wonder.
Why does have more questions than answers?
That sometime it make you stop and think
That you have to answer yourself
With tears streaming down your face,
And your face looking up to the sky ,
Hoping and praying ,
that you get some sigh from the almighty .