Rise up

Marcus Garvey,

Nelson Mandela, 

Errol Walton Barrow,

Martin Luther King Jr.

Viola Davis,

Shirley Chrisholm,

Rosa Parks.

Does any of these names sound familiar?
These are some names of men and women who had paved away for us,

There taught us to be confidence in ourselves,

Them show us that no matter the color of our skin,

We can be come great, 

There taught us to embrace the color of our skin ,

And the jet black hair which look like tar.

Them taugh us we can achieve anything,

Whether  it a politician, inventor, doctor you name it ,

We are equal.

But most of all , 

Them taught us to be strong and to be a proud black person.

And don’t settle for less.



Sometimes I just wonder if I be so hard on myself? Most of the time I feel so lost . I always ask myself what is fun? Would I ever get to truly enjoy life? To me I just feel like a prisoner but just have more freedom. Everyday I know what going happen. In life you have dreams and goals . You do everything in your power just to make it until one mistake. To me when I look at it, it was carelessness from my side. Like how can I lost focus after it took me so long to get where I want to be. How can I let external forces interfere?

Thinking out loud

This year taugh me alot. It taught me who was actually there for me or who was with me . I now see why people say becareful who you become friends with. Your closest friends can becomes your enemy.To me I felt bad cause I don’t see them as friends , I saw them as family since my mom as pass away. But I guess I was wrong but then one thing I learned, things happens for a reason. In life we always try to force certain things but when we let God take control of our life , the right friends, relationships , jobs and other stuff would come into place. Your mind be at peace and you start to see wonderful stuff start to happen.


People come and go,
Some teach us a lesson.
While some leave an empty place in your heart.
You had taught me to be patient,
Although you was the opposite.
You taught me how to relax and enjoy the moment.
You taught me how to be happy.
You taught me how to love myself and embrace my flaws.
You taught me that in every negative there also a positive.
You taught me to believe in myself and failure is a chance to begin again
You taught me so much , you don’t even know how much an impact you make.
In fact I was attached to you like a leach.
That you leave a empty hole in my heart .
That you can hear it like an empty barrel
I will never forget you and you will be always in my heart
Love you

Thinking out loud

One day I am going to make it. It wouldn’t be always going be a struggle.  When I get to where I am going, I’m not going to forget the people who was there when I was at my lowest. And I’m  not going to  forget the person who give me a chance to where I got to be. And most important don’t forget to remain humble cause I can get it all today and tomorrow can be uncertain. And the golden rules:- always pay it forward and give someone an opportunity no matter their background. Cause it was once me and it can be me at any time after flame. Note to self

Early Morning

oh gosh my feet hurting so bad.
Good morning.
Oh hey miss b
I didn’t see you there .
Of course you there looking at the young boy.
So how can I help you today?
Nothing just some aches and pain. You know it come with age.
Lol yeah girl.
So wait tell me something. Yeah
Who that woman that Mr. John get in his house on a night?
Miss thing you know me, by eight I be in bed sleeping like a baby .
Oh really
But you young
And you so fast?
So you not going tell me.
There no story to tell.
Oh gosh woman all you could do is try to find out people business?
Typical people for you.
Well I just want to know , I hear it Ms brown that live up the street .
Wait my bus coming . Have a nice day
Mumble to typical people. Always want to find out people business and always in church on a Sunday smh.. I am not getting into that.
Get in the bus
Sorry morning