In the few years  especially the last two years . I learn a lot about myself .  Here are some of the thinks I learned. 


We need family the most. This is we go for support , advise, trust and so much more. But sometimes that is not always the case .  It make you sad when them don’t have your back but it life .


This is similar to family but not blood related.  One thing I learn we used this word so loosely , I guess we are trying to find the stuff that we would get in a family . But it not always the same. Sometimes you get friends for life. These friends are the least expected one. And the one that you taught that are  your friends are the one who put on a mask  and can used you in the most possible way


This can turn into a disease so becareful .  But it have some benefit to it . You can take the to reflect as you as a person and work on your dreams and goals. You can take time and learn to love yourself and try to build your confident  . Cause let face it we get our motivation and confident a from our family and friend if it broken . You feel worthless of your self .


I learn that when try to protect the people you love. You end up getting hurt .  Because them don’t see the same thing that you see.  You don’t want to see them getting use  but sometimes you have to let people learn on there own and step back . 


Sometimes you don’t know how strong you are .  Untill some negative force in inflicted on you. 


In life we  miss out on so  opportunities cause we are fear what people would say .  Just take them and go from there . You never know what is at the end of the tunnel


Never put your happiness in a man   Or create your happiness in other people. Do what make you happy . Do what make you get up very morning and you want to life. 

Goals and Dream 

In life we have goals and dream but we don’t work hard for it. Cause we look at the other person or looking for validation from our family or peers . So we fall short . Just work for it and don’t tell anyone . Outside force is the worst unless you know the person is going to support you go for it. 

In conclusion live your life to please you. Sometime it good to just care about yourself and forces on your dreams and goals


Being myself 

People call me weird, stupid , problem , bored and the list goes on .  I get call these name just because I don’t follow the way on how the world see it . Most of the times I don’t fit in but I was told ,  if I want to fit in I have to be like the majority. But why? Why can’t I be myself and be part of the society.  Why I have to follow to crowd just to get notice. It just kind of heart broken that I can’t be me and still be part of a group. I just hate I have to drink alcohol, do illegal drugs , party , wear makeup to look pretty and the list go on. All I just want to be notice but on my own term. I just want to feel love, care for, have fun, be happy, do positive stuff and people say hey that a good idea. Instead I have to hold my mouth because of fear. I just want be outside of the box not inside the box. All I just want is to have people who be there for me and not pretend. 


One thing I learn about caring for people , is that you end up hurting yourself.  In the end you end up all alone. Then you wonder why? When you look back , these people was just playing you.  It be so hard to trust people again .Cause in the back of your mind , you will be thinking would this happen again?  But the caring person still help and the cycle repeats again .

Goodbye Mr.President and Thank You

For the last eight years , we saw one of the greatest president in history of America. Not saying the other 43 president wasn’t the greatest. He create history as the first black president that no one saw coming. As a president he had some up and down,he was a cool and collective no matter  how tough the job was , he had a sense of humor that would make you laugh, he stand up for the rights of the people , he show that he was a family man he was and never forget to show affection to his wife in public,  he was a people person and down to earth. As a black man who was borned to a white mother and black father . He show that no matter what your skin color is or where you was born , you can make a difference in your community or country. He taught people that if we forget about color we can achieve anything once you remain focus . I can go one but I just want to say thank you Mr.Obama for the lessons you had taught us.I know your job was not easy but you make it look easy and fun.  Thank you .”Yes I can.Yes I did ” 

President of America (2009-2017)

Year in review 2016

This year is soon finish,  I excited about it. I just hope I can get my act together and make 2017  productive and interesting year. This year taught me alot. It taught me the job market is very competitive  and also people’s would also discriminate you on so much ground before them gives you a job. Hopefully 2017 is much better in finding a job. It taught me about friends and family.  When you think you have friends,  you don’t. People would use you to get through in life and turn around treat you  invisible.  The same as family , them supposed to be your pilar of strength but because you not on the same level as them you be outcast. One thing I learn when you don’t have a job people treat you differently.  Them think oh it cannot happen to them and put it back into your face. I learned that people think it ok to lie just to make the other party feel happy, although them disagree just to fit into the circle. I’m not going lie I just saw so much fake friends to other people this year and people think oh that is my friend.  But people pretend so well. I learn to be strong and have patience,  I’m not going lie most nights I get very emotional and that when I need someone to talk to or I just be there. I realized what I’m going through is long and lonely road . And people prefer to be with you through the happy times but not the bad times. I guess that is why so much marriage and relationships break up occurs. Everything wasn’t bad actually from that I learned a lot. Although, it was rough patch I enjoy my island by going site seeing unfortunately it not fun going places by yourself but I enjoy it . I love nature. I had open another blog which deal with science. That is my baby,  it still young but writing about science just make me happy. I had a friend who give me input on some of the contents it was great. It show my at least one person believe in me and my talent. I learn so much more about science than in a classroom while researching.  I miss doing science.  For 2017,  is in for ride. I know it going be an interesting year.  My main goal is to get a job so  I be  able to carried out other goals and be happy. Sometimes you have to be at your lowest and be by yourself to see your journey.