One thing I learn about caring for people , is that you end up hurting yourself.  In the end you end up all alone. Then you wonder why? When you look back , these people was just playing you.  It be so hard to trust people again .Cause in the back of your mind , you will be thinking would this happen again?  But the caring person still help and the cycle repeats again .

Rise up

Marcus Garvey,

Nelson Mandela, 

Errol Walton Barrow,

Martin Luther King Jr.

Viola Davis,

Shirley Chrisholm,

Rosa Parks.

Does any of these names sound familiar?
These are some names of men and women who had paved away for us,

There taught us to be confidence in ourselves,

Them show us that no matter the color of our skin,

We can be come great, 

There taught us to embrace the color of our skin ,

And the jet black hair which look like tar.

Them taugh us we can achieve anything,

Whether  it a politician, inventor, doctor you name it ,

We are equal.

But most of all , 

Them taught us to be strong and to be a proud black person.

And don’t settle for less.

My mom 

I miss having a mom around. Someone who will be there for you. Who be honest with you . And someone where you can have a long conversation. Someone who will give you their opinion without being judge. One thing, I realized that no one can replace your mom. Your mom have this special bond that developed with you from the time you was conceived. She knew when something is bothering you, she knows you’re secrets. Infact she can read you as a book without saying a words . Mom you might not the best in my eyes you was and will be always in my heart . Love you mom.

Me before You

Did you watch the picture me before you ? It such a wonderful picture. It about this man who was a wealthy investor who was born into wealthy home. One day while he was on way into the office he got hit by a vichicle and paralyze from his neck down . While paralyzed, his family hire different caretakers to take care of him but they are leave. Well except the last one, she need the money so didn’t have a choice. So she put up with his stubbornness but one day she over hear the parents arguing about if to still carry out his wish . That is , move him to a country in the next six months where he can legally died before the almighty need him to go. That is because he always in pain and he don’t see the need of living anymore. This is went the caregiver decide to do various activities that approve by his doctors and parent so he can feel like he living again  and be part of the society. And hope he change his mind .  Eventually it work and them fall in love but the man was still keeping his part of the bargain that is travel to a country where he legally died by doctors . People say it kind of self fish of him when I read the interviews. He should push her way and he shouldn’t kill himself. But here is my reviews . He was a young healthy man who had friends and can get any girl he feel like. He see himself has a man that when he ready to settle down will be able to provide for his family but he know now people will never accept him in a judge mental world. It be hard for him so he seclude himself into his house. But this one girl taugh him how to live again and how to have fun . Something he miss and she accept him for who he is . She never judge him infact she always pushing him . Although he enjoy her company and falling for her,  he know that he cannot be the half of the man she was looking for. So he try hard for her not to get attach because he know the deal at the end of six months. It not only him that think this so much people who have a disability think this way about love. Even if them find someone I assume them be always thinking I’m good  enough for this person? It not self fish it just people know how the society thinks . It kinda sad to say. 


Goodbye Mr.President and Thank You

For the last eight years , we saw one of the greatest president in history of America. Not saying the other 43 president wasn’t the greatest. He create history as the first black president that no one saw coming. As a president he had some up and down,he was a cool collective no matter  how tough the job was , he had a sense of humor that would make you laugh, he stand up for the rights of people , he show that he was a family man he was and never forget to show affection to his wife in public,  he was a people person and down to earth. As a black man who was borned to a white mother and black father . He show that no matter what you skin color is or where you was born , you can make a difference in your community or country. He taught people that if we forget about color we can achieve anything once you remain focus . I can go one but I just want to say thank you Mr.Obama for the lessons you had taught us.I know you job was no easy but you make it look easy and fun.  Thank you .”Yes I can.Yes I did ” 

President of America (2009-2017)