First time

One of my dreams is to travel, just to experience  other cultures  and I guess to find out where I belong . Well on June 24th,  I travel for the first time by myself to the wonderful  country Canada. From getting on the plane and entering the country until the day I had departure was an experience. 
The plane ride was appropriately  6 hours. During that time , I was able to reflect and enjoy the wonderful  and fluffy clouds  in the sky just to pass the time. I think what I like most about flying you get to see the beautiful  sunset and also the country at night when the lights are on. It look so pretty. 

While in Canada, it was like a new world.  What I’m used to was so completely  different.  The weather was different,  when I was there although  it was summer.  The temperature  was a range of 13 degree Celsius  to 27 degree Celsius.  Therefore, I was constantly  wearing a jacket but eventually  my body get accustomed  to the temperature  that I didn’t always had to wear a jacket.  

Driving on the right side of the road, it was so scary  since I’m accustomed  to driving on the left side of the road.  The roads are wider and there are various speed limits on one road. The distance in getting to point A to B is much longer than I’m accustomed  to , that I slept on most of the drives lol.   The transportation  was very reliable,  the bus came on time and what had me surprised  is the people line up in a single file to board the bus. And if you’re catching more than one bus or train you ask for a transfer ticket which eliminates  you from paying again at the next destination.  Going on the train and street car was another first for me. 

The people is so warm and friendly,  I assume since Canada is a diverse  culture . The people are willing to learn where  you  came from . Them love to have a conversation  and make you feel welcome to there country.  You just feel the love. One thing I notice that these people love there animals especially  dogs and cats. But what shock me the most was people bring there dogs to the mall  like really . It was a surprise  to me but also I realized  that dogs be quiet and well behave . So for  me there  was no dancing around trying to get out of the dog way lol. Yup I hate dogs lol.  And also these people carry them dog’s for a walk no matter what time of day it is. In fact ,the treat them dog as a human you will think that dog’s  have more right than a human being  lol.

One of best memory is going to Montreal,  when you enter the island of Montreal  you convince it an other island you visiting . The atmosphere  is so different  compare to   Ontario.  In Montreal  the people are billingual therefore, there speak  both French and English.  But I realize them prefer to speak  French.  When I was in high school I study French for six years.  I was always wondering why I was learning this subject for but it came into used for the two days I was there. But I learn something,  speaking French push me out of my comfort zone and I prefer to read it than to speak  it. But it was a good experience. 

In conclusion,  Canada didn’t disappoint me. I had learn so much about myself,  the culture,  food, places of interest  you name. But most of all I had enjoy my stay and the experience  that came along with it. 


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