Goodbye Mr.President and Thank You

For the last eight years , we saw one of the greatest president in history of America. Not saying the other 43 president wasn’t the greatest. He create history as the first black president that no one saw coming. As a president he had some up and down,he was a cool and collective no matter  how tough the job was , he had a sense of humor that would make you laugh, he stand up for the rights of the people , he show that he was a family man he was and never forget to show affection to his wife in public,  he was a people person and down to earth. As a black man who was borned to a white mother and black father . He show that no matter what your skin color is or where you was born , you can make a difference in your community or country. He taught people that if we forget about color we can achieve anything once you remain focus . I can go one but I just want to say thank you Mr.Obama for the lessons you had taught us.I know your job was not easy but you make it look easy and fun.  Thank you .”Yes I can.Yes I did ” 

President of America (2009-2017)


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