My first love

Did you had feeling or in love with someone but scare to say anything? 

Do you ever wonder you going be one of those people who going be old and thinking whats if?

Do you just sit down and randomly think ,about the person and hope them doing ok?

Do you wonder if you make the right choice?

Well this is me.  On 22nd August…..I had feelings for someone but I was scare of saying anything.  I just taught my feeling would subsides but it just grew …… I guess why I didn’t say anything because the caring person inside of me wonder what other people think of us and if I would be accepted into his circle. If I wasnt scare who knows….

Why I had feeling for him?

Over a period of times his personality is what attract me to him. He was caring , supportive,  love to laugh,can  carry on a great conversation but I think what really catch my eyes that he treat me with respect and he was not ashamed to around me. And I just felt comfortable around him. He just make me feel safe. Well of course eventually I love him for his look .

Sometimes I wonder if I made the correct choice of someone who saw me in my weakness and never judge me,  patient, always there for me… and the list goes on.

I know them say that there more fish inside of the sea. But no two fish is alike.  I remember reading in a book that said love make you do stupid things. I guess that’s me. Unfortunately I don’t think I would forget him. You never know one day…. Can you fall in love twice?


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