As I sit here looking at pictures, 

I wonder what happen? 

Where it all went wrong ?

one by one,


Everyone leaves ,

just leaving you with pictures and memories.

Do not worry them say,

We got your back,

We all in this together no matter what.

Phone calls becomes less frequent. 

And conversation become shorter on social media. 

No hey, whats up or how was your day?

Sometimes you wonder if anyone cares.

But you’re ignore or get one answer reply,  

Like if you’re a bother.

Friends or family is with replace with youtube to make you laugh, 

Strangers on Ig that make you feel welcome.

Radio to entertain you with current affairs,

Facebook to keep you uptodate.

you try to make new friends but everyone have a circle!

No new friends them said.

So you just sit down on the outside looking in,

and realized life is not the same,

people change and people go on with life,

Although you wish everything will remains the same.


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