Early Morning

oh gosh my feet hurting so bad.
Good morning.
Oh hey miss b
I didn’t see you there .
Of course you there looking at the young boy.
So how can I help you today?
Nothing just some aches and pain. You know it come with age.
Lol yeah girl.
So wait tell me something. Yeah
Who that woman that Mr. John get in his house on a night?
Miss thing you know me, by eight I be in bed sleeping like a baby .
Oh really
But you young
And you so fast?
So you not going tell me.
There no story to tell.
Oh gosh woman all you could do is try to find out people business?
Typical people for you.
Well I just want to know , I hear it Ms brown that live up the street .
Wait my bus coming . Have a nice day
Mumble to typical people. Always want to find out people business and always in church on a Sunday smh.. I am not getting into that.
Get in the bus
Sorry morning


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