Summer 2014

Summer 2014 has come to an end. it was one emotional , fun and relaxing vacation. It was the first summer I had ever spend without my mom, those who follow my blog would know my mom had passed away at the end of last summer. This summer had taught me a lot, it teach me that once I believe in myself I can be good or successful once I put my mind to the task. Not only that, what keep me going was my mom words , “Follow your dreams, hard work is the key to life, hard work pays off ”  and also the few friends I have, they encourage me so much. As we pursuit our dreams in various fields or careers, I hope we could remain friends no matter where we are on the globe, it could be Japan, China, Canada, England or stay in our home country, you name it. I hope we remain friends even it just a phone call away. 

This summer I had to do summer school, at first I was sad but I am happy that I did the course.  The course, that I did push me closer to finishing university and towards my goals of becoming of who I would like to be in life. At first , I was vex because the lecture always calling on me to answer a question or something of the sort nearly ever week but I am happy the lecture did that. I guess the lecture had see my potential and what I am capable of doing. With that being said I had gotten a C+ overall and A- in final exam after all hard work payoff. 

Summer is a time, where you let down your hair  and have a great time but for those who know me,  fun and relaxing is not in my dictionary lol . Like really I have too much to worry about, than to have fun and relax. But a friend is who taught me it okay to have fun and relax with out feeling guilty . Actually, it did felt great thanks you.

Well now it back to books to continue what my mom had started, which was my mom and I dream. Which is now my dream.

Goodbye summer 2014 thanks for being so kind to me, until next summer 2015 . God willing 


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