We all loves to dream, whether it is to get our dream job, to be come a doctor, lawyer, scientist or accountant  just to name a few. Or even to have that prefect wedding and family. Whatever  it is,  we dream and hope that our dream comes true. On July 27th to August 12th, there were athletes from over 200 countries that took part in London 2012 Olympics which they dreams came true. These athletes had been practicing for four years and some even longer to make the qualifying mark to be an Olympian. While some came to break records like Micheal Phelps, the swimmer who got the most medals in the three olympics games  (1994-2012), which are 22 medals to dethrone the previous athlete Ms. Larisa Latynina who was a gymnast (1956-1964), she had 18 medals. And also Usain Bolt of Jamaica , who had retain the titles in 100m and 200m  from  Beijing 2008 and the only man in the world to ever won both titles in sprint back to back. He also create a new olympic  record of 9.63 , where his previous one was 9.69 in beijing 2008 and he also has the olympics and world record for the 4*100m men.

But most of these dreams that was make as a reality had a story behind it .


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