My mom and a new life.

On August the 22nd , my mom had pass away  who was 50 yrs old . She now gone to be with her maker. The thing is she 51 yrs old on September 23rd. My mom was sick for sometime  but not serious. But on july 23rd she was diagnose with colon cancer and taken to the hospital on  August 19th. On  August 21st at 1:00pm I didnt know it would be the last day I would see my mom. It look that my mom was waiting for me to come and visit her. The events my sister told me what happen when she had visit mom around 4:30. She was dropping to sleep, when she was talking to her. When I leave the hospital she was in high hopes that she had  saw me. But when I was leaving, I remember she said now I can sleep . She going and have a rest when the visitors leave but first she going to read her bible. Words can have so much double meaning you never know. The event that the doctors told my sister, she was in distressed during the night, and keep asking for ice , lipband to put on her lips because it was dried and water. Early in the morning she had gotten worst.
When I look back from when my mom get diagnose till she went in the hospital,  my mom had known she was going to died. She had pick out roles for each of us to do. I realize,  my mom spend more time talking to me, yes we used to talk but not like the last month of her death. She had keep encouraging me. I guess she know I was about to give up on my dream. She even start calling me he doctor and nurse lol.
I will miss you mom and remember you , especially the last day you was in the hospital and the last two days you was home because I give you your last meal, watch your favorite sports which was IAAF 2013 track and field when you was arguing about USA 4*100 should be disqualified , yup I can hear you. And also the last person to give you tea to help with the pain and stay up with you from the morning till when your nurse friend came.
I going miss you peeping into my bedroom at night  saying love you. I going in see ya in the morning.

Mom I am going miss you. Untill  we meet in heaven,

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