Biochemistry is a good thing

Alright guys,

Let us begin our long discussion on glycolysis by creating a little memory tool to remember all the enzymes involved in glycolysis. We all know that there are ten enzymes involved in this pathway and we need to know all of them for the exam. Well, here is a tool to make this process a tad bit easier. I must warn, however, that this mnemonic only aids in remembering the enzymes, you still have to fill in the details and obviously, differentiate the different enzyme names.

10 enzymes in order of reactions are:

  1. Hexokinase
  2. Phosphoglucose isomerase
  3. PFK-1
  4. aldolase
  5. Triose phosphate isomerase
  6. Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase
  7. Phosphoglycerate kinase
  8. Phosphoglycerate mutase
  9. Enolase
  10. Pyruvate kinase

Now taking the 1st letter from every enzyme we have:

  • H = Helen
  • P = Paints
  • P = Pictures
  • A = Along
  • T = The Training
  • G

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