People being mean to science

Why people are so mean ?  What I mean , is I’m a science student majoring in chemistry thinking about adding another major which is biology/biochemistry.  As a science student you hardly have time for yourself , when you not writing up a lab or doing assignments . You be preparing for in class test or trying to catch on notes that you had miss for one reason or another, or  trying to understand a topic that you don’t understand. Do not get me wrong , I’m not complaining I love what am doing , yes the courses are hard but at the end of the day , they can be very rewarding.

What have me  annoyed is when people says , “that why you  should not do those  kind of subjects because  there take up plenty of  your time” . Like really , yes there do take up plenty of your time but I believe in life nothing do not come easy in life . And if you are passionate about something you should after  your dreams and goal.

I  guess this is where you have to choose your friends carefully . I don’t have a problem with people doing the  other courses maybe management but in order for country to grow or perform you have got diversity of careers.


2 thoughts on “People being mean to science

  1. raylevy

    It takes a lot of time and effort to get good at anything! Especially challenging, worthwhile things. People rarely seem surprised when athletes spend tremendous amounts of time practicing. We folks in STEM have to do the same! Three cheers for you. Glad you are enjoying your courses.

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