Wait , why you look so sad?

Girl I got some news,

I don’t know what to do.

What you mean you don’t know what to do?

I going to listen to you.

Tell me your story.

Well I went to the Doctor yesterday,

And he told me I have  sugar.

Really I don’t  what that mean .

I think I going to died.

Wait you say sugar?

You mean you have diabetes.

Ya all young people always coming with  these fancy words.

LOL, but I think that what the doctor said ,

That I have diabetes .

Yea that the word ,

You know how it is when you get old.

You know anything about diabetes?

Yea, Of course!!!

And do not worry you not going to died.

Once you eat right and take your medication right,

you should be ok.

Another question,

If you don’t mind?

Can somebody catch it from me?


But where you hear that from?

You have so much to learn.

Look I am in hurry to go somewhere,

But you can contact an association name the diabetes Association.

What them do?

Well them is a support group which assist people living with the disease.

Oh I see.

I have to go,

when I return home ,

I would tell you more about the Association and diabetes



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