What is Family?

On the Merriam Webster dictionary online , gives three close relative meaning. These are:-

1) “a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head

2) “a group of persons of common ancestry ”

3) “a people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common stock

Well this mainly relates to point two and three. On Saturday March 16th, 2012, I decided to accompany my mother and grandpa to an old cousin funeral to pay my respects. For me, the funeral was kinda of surprising because

1) on how the funeral were carried out and

2) the extended family.

I know  I say I would make this blog about family but I’m dying to talk about the service also. The service was a wonderful service. It was not a normal funeral service that I would go to , it was like a sunday service were you would sing  joyful songs and to me I think that was nice way although it was a sad occasion. Because it taught me that life should celebrate no matter if you are living or dead.

For me it was a learning experience, I was so  surprise at the amount of  family  that I had. Right now I’m still trying to process the difference names and faces, which I know that I am going to forget. You see my family is a close-knit but still not close-knit, on my mom’s father side. I know it kinda of contradicting. But still I don’t know half of my family from both sides of my family.  Which is so wrong. I believe, why this is so because as you get married and start your own family you just forget about your original family along with other things and to make it harder the name changes also.

I was thinking of some ideas on how to find about my family because it was not only me but others that was surprise. For me some are my friends or some are classmates that either sit in some of my classes at uni. Although, I may never know all my family,  it still good to know a good few.



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