Sometimes I just wonder if I be so hard on myself? Most of the time I feel so lost . I always ask myself what is fun? Would I ever get to truly enjoy life? To me I just feel like a prisoner but just have more freedom. Everyday I know what going happen. In life you have dreams and goals . You do everything in your power just to make it until one mistake. To me when I look at it, it was carelessness from my side. Like how can I lost focus after it took me so long to get where I want to be. How can I let external forces interfere?


Do you ever  get negative vibes of a person?  That you just know that the person is up to no good. You could practically read the person body language so you warn the other person about the person intension but them say “oh give the person a chance”. Really , maybe I’m too harsh but why work so hard to let someone drag you down with them? I try tallking to the person but it fall on deaf ears. Then I’m the one that have to listen to they rant……… I just wish the person would listen seriously. I guess I’m too caring and observance . Life is about learning the hard way I guess

Thinking out loud

This year taugh me alot. It taught me who was actually there for me or who was with me . I now see why people say becareful who you become friends with. Your closest friends can becomes your enemy.To me I felt bad cause I don’t see them as friends , I saw them as family since my mom as pass away. But I guess I was wrong but then one thing I learned, things happens for a reason. In life we always try to force certain things but when we let God take control of our life , the right friends, relationships , jobs and other stuff would come into place. Your mind be at peace and you start to see wonderful stuff start to happen.


Hey guys,I’m back!!!
I would try to update the site more often mainly with poems, shorts stories and motivational videos and quotes. At the moment, I’m working on my other account name http://www.crazychemist868.wordpress.com which is mainly science blog. If any of you all interest you can follow me on there also. I just stop by to give you all and update and I didn’t abandon this page.
Thank you guys for all those who follow me, read silently and comments. I appreciate it a lot



What is a friend?  I guess most people ask this question.  At some point of our lives we where betrayal by a friend who we trust.                    Earlier this week, I was surprised by a friend who stand up for me. Really I was so surprised what my friend said I could not believe it. I always say the person was different but  I guess the person prove me right.  The thing the person said  about me I was so surprised caused I never heard someone talk so highly and positive about me when someone had another point of view about me. It show me that I have at least one friend that I can depends on no matter what. 


People come and go,
Some teach us a lesson.
While some leave an empty place in your heart.
You had taught me to be patient,
Although you was the opposite.
You taught me how to relax and enjoy the moment.
You taught me how to be happy.
You taught me how to love myself and embrace my flaws.
You taught me that in every negative there also a positive.
You taught me to believe in myself and failure is a chance to begin again
You taught me so much , you don’t even know how much an impact you make.
In fact I was attached to you like a leach.
That you leave a empty hole in my heart .
That you can hear it like an empty barrel
I will never forget you and you will be always in my heart
Love you

what science taught me?

For biology, it taught me to be patient, understanding, creative, think outside of the box, there no right or wrong answer. In other words, biology is so exciting but yet so complex. For chemistry, it taught me there more than one way to solve problems, time management, analytical, reasoning and also patient. In other words, chemistry teaches you skills for life .