‘Humans of New York’ blog raises over $350K to send inner-city kids to Harvard

Originally posted on Global News:

WATCH ABOVE: The creator of the “Humans of New York” blog has managed to raise $350,000 on Indiegogo to send a group of underprivileged students to Harvard. Nicole Bogart reports.

TORONTO – The “Humans of New York” blog has been sharing stories of New York City residents for over four years. But now the blog is helping provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for inner-city youth.

An Indiegogo campaign started by Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton has raised over US$350,000 to fund a trip to Harvard University for sixth graders from Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The initial goal of the campaign was US$100,000 – enough to fund one trip a year for three years.

That goal was met in less than an hour.

It all started when Stanton posted the portrait of a young boy on his blog. When asked who has influenced his life the most the…

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What is love?

I was once ask , if I believe in love ?
And I said no.
I ask so what is love?
Oh you would know , when you see it.
Poor me  confused.
How can you telll a girl, you would know it when you see it,
When I dont believe in love.
Fast forward.
Well I think I know what is love.
Never in my wildest dream I would say it.
For a girl who prefer to single.

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Sign of new life

Life can be so challenge,

And people make it  worst.

Why all the negativity?

Just because your life is not bright,

You should bring down others.

Some people know where to go,

And how to get there.

While other need helping hand

and hope.

Just to say , you going the right way

or the encouragement.

Before you open your mouth


You never know ,

that person might be helping you

to better person also..