Can you see it?
Can you smell it?
The beauty of living in the countryside.
The lush green grass moving from side to side,
The birds singing a sweetly sound to my ears,
The beautiful view looking over the valley ,
What a breath taking view.
The fresh crispy smell from the morning dew,
Yup I can smell it.
The warm sun that hit my face
The wind that whisper through my ears
Can I want anything better than that?
The life of the countryside


As I sit here,

I wonder

would I ever make it?

It so hard like a rock ,

the road so long  ,

I just feel like giving up .

Would this early morning and late night studying would pay off.

But who said the road to success would be easy?

There will be days and nights of feeling depress, anger and crying .

Even loss of some friends because of this “illusion” that you have in your mind,

That you call success.

As you climb the  ladder to success

you would wonder ,

How the hell did  I get here?

But it call perseverance,

motivations or the kinds words of strangers , true friends and family.

One day you would say,

I made it .

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 has come to an end. it was one emotional , fun and relaxing vacation. It was the first summer I had ever spend without my mom, those who follow my blog would know my mom had passed away at the end of last summer. This summer had taught me a lot, it teach me that once I believe in myself I can be good or successful once I put my mind to the task. Not only that, what keep me going was my mom words , “Follow your dreams, hard work is the key to life, hard work pays off ”  and also the few friends I have, they encourage me so much. As we pursuit our dreams in various fields or careers, I hope we could remain friends no matter where we are on the globe, it could be Japan, China, Canada, England or stay in our home country, you name it. I hope we remain friends even it just a phone call away. 

This summer I had to do summer school, at first I was sad but I am happy that I did the course.  The course, that I did push me closer to finishing university and towards my goals of becoming of who I would like to be in life. At first , I was vex because the lecture always calling on me to answer a question or something of the sort nearly ever week but I am happy the lecture did that. I guess the lecture had see my potential and what I am capable of doing. With that being said I had gotten a C+ overall and A- in final exam after all hard work payoff. 

Summer is a time, where you let down your hair  and have a great time but for those who know me,  fun and relaxing is not in my dictionary lol . Like really I have too much to worry about, than to have fun and relax. But a friend is who taught me it okay to have fun and relax with out feeling guilty . Actually, it did felt great thanks you.

Well now it back to books to continue what my mom had started, which was my mom and I dream. Which is now my dream.

Goodbye summer 2014 thanks for being so kind to me, until next summer 2015 . God willing 


My mom was a vibrant person,
When she enter the room,
It light up like a light bulb.
She was a caring person,
No matter what,
She would gives  you her last dollar.
She  always has some jokes to tell you,
Sometimes it make you wonder,
Where does gotten these jokes from?

I miss you mom,
Your one year anniversary is coming up,
Time do fly fast,
It feel like a piece of my heart died with you also,
You make the house feel like a home,
Filled with laughter and jokes.
You was easy at make friends,
You stand for no nonsense,

I miss your smiling face, jokes and fun,
Home is not home anymore,
It just gloomy without you

Miss you mom.

1962 to 2013

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